gorilla is on cal for your next diy project

Watch Gorilla turn these DIY-
disasters into jobs done
right—the first time.

GG Features and Benefits

GG Removal

GG Mech Removal

GG Clean Hands

GG Safety

GG Storage

GG Dry Top

New 2 oz. Cap

Gorilla Glue 101

Using Gorilla Glue

Dries White Quick Fix

Crafting: Trinket Box with Dries White

Planter Project

Heel Repair

SG Features and Benefits


SG Glued Fingers

Gorilla Super Glue 101

SG Quick Fix

Crafting: Frames with Super Glue

Gorilla Wood Glue 101

Woodworking: Shelf

Woodworking: Duck Repair

WG Quick Fix

Epoxy Mixing & Directions

Epoxy Storage

Gorilla Epoxy 101

Woodworking: Epoxy Filler

Crafting: Dessert Plate

Removing Residue

Gorilla Tape 101

Hose Repair

Gorilla Kingdom

Clamping 101

How-To: Junking with Sue Whitney

Gone Fishing