gorilla tapes FAQs

What’s the difference between Gorilla Tape and regular duct tape? [+]

Does Gorilla Tape use Gorilla Glue as the adhesive? [+]

Are there different grades of Gorilla Tape? [+]

Is Gorilla Tape waterproof? [+]

Who should buy Gorilla Tape? [+]

Where can I buy Gorilla Tape? [+]

Will Gorilla Tape work on rough surfaces? [+]

Can it be used instead of electrical tape? [+]

How do I use Gorilla Tape? [+]

Can I remove Gorilla Tape? [+]

How do I store Gorilla Tape? [+]

What temperature range does Gorilla Tape require? [+]

Does freezing/thawing affect Gorilla Tape? [+]

Are there different size options for Gorilla Tape? [+]