gorilla glue faqs

Is Gorilla Glue really for the Toughest Jobs on Planet Earth? [+]

Do I need to prepare the surface first? [+]

Why do I need to add moisture before gluing with Gorilla Glue? [+]

How much Gorilla Glue should I apply? [+]

What if I don’t have clamps? [+]

What is the proper clamp time? [+]

How do I clean up Gorilla Glue? [+]

My bottle of glue has formed a dry layer on top, can I still use it? [+]

How do I extend shelf life of Gorilla Glue? [+]

Is Gorilla Glue truly 100% waterproof? [+]

Can you speed up the curing process? [+]

What is the temperature range for using the wet glue? [+]

The glue is hard in the bottle. Can I heat it to soften? [+]