gorilla tape
gorilla tough on a roll

No other tape offers the clarity, strength and durability of Gorilla Clear Repair! The ideal solution for almost any repair, Gorilla Clear Repair features the strength of Gorilla Tape in a weatherproof, airtight, crystal clear tape. Fix, patch, seal, hold, and protect almost any surface with a crystal clear appearance for a perfect fix every time.

Heavy Duty - Use on Tough Household Repairs
Gorilla Tape Strength - Extra Thick Adhesive Layer
Crystal Clear - Won’t Yellow Outdoors
Weatherproof - Water, UV and Temperature Resistant
Airtight - For Patching Smooth Surfaces
Easy to Tear by Hand - Notched Edge Design
Sticks to Smooth, Rough and Uneven Surfaces

See Gorilla Toughness in Action

For thousands of uses, including: